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Are you ready to join FAE in Camelot this spring? This Arthurian edition of FAE is filled with the magic and enchantment of the King Arthur legend. Featuring exclusive contributions from Caitlin Matthews with 'The Holy Grail and the Faery Grail', and we swim deeply into the waters where the Lady of the Lake resides, and look at the powerful Guinevere, and Morgan Le Fay as we ‘Reclaim the Ladies of Camelot' with Lucy Cavendish. Sit with us at the round table, and join our Fairytale Traveler on ‘The Trail for the Grail' in this exciting Arthurian edition of FAE filled with the magic of Merlin, Morgana, and more!

With Arthurian inspired fashion from *us!* photographed in the infamous King Arthur’s Great Halls in Tintagel, and our forthcoming Fae of the Falls Gown on the cover, shot at St Nectan's Glen!

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FAE Magazine Issue 41

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